I'm Isabella a self-taught maker.

I've always been attracted to hand-made products, natural materials, and textures.

I started TwoMe, to document my personal journey to learn 12 new crafts in 12 months. After 6 months I started teaching macrame at the weekends. The classes were very popular and I began to plan about starting a creative business on the side of my day job.

In July 2017, I took the leap and quit my career as an Interior Designer to relocated from London to Hampshire with my family and started working on TwoMe full time.

I have been featured on the Sunday Telegraph, Kirstie's Handmade Christmas TV series and I regularly write macrame tutorials for magazines like Mollie Makes, In the Moment, Hobby crafts, Prima and Origin.

My first book: 'MACRAME FOR THE MODERN HOME' is out in April 2020 and can be pre-ordered.


My mission is to help people find their creativity by sharing my knowledge of macrame and natural dyeing. I believe everyone has a creative side that needs to be used.  Crafts to find slower and mindful moments through our busy lifestyle. Often, just 10 minutes of macrame is enough to help me completely relax.

I run various workshops, events, 1-2-1 & teambuilding classes in London and UK.

I also teach macrame and natural dyeing with my online courses for the people that cannot attend my workshops and for those that want to learn these two crafts in more depth.


Thank you for following my creative journey and for dropping by.



Isabella xxx



Leela Bennet for taking these lovely photos of me

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