WELCOME  to the world of macrame!

here you will find all you need to start learning and mastering this craft.

Over three years ago when I started learning macrame I couldn't find all the information on how to begin this craft in one place. I had to waste a lot of time looking for good quality tutorials, videos and books. Even then it was frustrating having to jump from one medium to the other. My mission is to share what I know to other creatives in a simple and easy way.

You are new to macrame, where do you start?

In this section, you will find a simple guide on what you need.


Unless you are making a large piece of macrame, you don't really need much.

A wooden dowel or ring to hang your macrame from.

A measuring tape.

Scarp scissors.

Masking tape to fix you macrame on a flat surface while you are working.


'S' hooks are very useful to hang your wooden dowl/ring at the back of a chair, top of a door/ cupboard door or architrave.

Clothes rail, that is ideal. You can hang your S hooks and macrame pieces and the rail becomes your macrame working space. You won't have to move your macrame if is WIP.

That's it!

Now it is time to purchase your material, string. I recommend 100% recycled cotton strings. There are 2 types: 3-ply and single twist. For beginners, I usually recommend 3-ply as the string is more durable and you can undo and redo knots without damage it. Once you feel confident with your basic knots, you can try the single twist, which is softer. You can find the list of my recommended suppliers HERE, but you can also find others online or from your local craft store.

Next, you want to practice the basic macrame knots, you can find the tutorials HERE.

Then start knotting by downloading "A FREE guide to macrame" HERE or trying these other free tutorials HERE

Finally, you want to take your macrame skills to the next level. You can check my live workshops LONDON & UK or join the 4-week online course.

I hope I haven't missed anything. If I have or you have any questions, please email me HERE.

Happy knotting,


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