Final macrame before the new craft

This is the final macrame before I'll start working on the new skill. I'm sure in the future months I'll be making more as I love them so much!

This particular one I've designed it for my sister Clara who lives in Dubai at the moment.

She's my number one fan since we were little girls and I love her to bits! Since she has a big house (bigger than mine, anyway!) I wanted to create a statement piece to give her. It turned out to be 1.3 meters tall!

I used 12 x 6 meters long 3mm string. The fringe at the bottom is quite long, which I really like, however, the star is the big Josephine knot in the middle.

Tall macrame

The beginning: stick, 3mm string, tape and scissors.

macrame utensils

This macrame started extremely tall, it's hanging from the top of my book shelf.

very long strings

I tided up the strings to be able to work.

tided up macrame

First half of the macrame

macrame detail

The Josephine knot. I love this knot and I've been waiting to introduce it in my design. Since the strings were very long, and heavy, I laid the macrame on the table.

Josephine knot macrame

I used my daughter's clips to hold the braids.


The Final piece! I'm very proud.

macrame details

macrame detail fringe
final macrame

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