Having fun dyeing

Firstly I would like to apologies for not posting for the past few weeks. Holiday, getting back to the routine, the little one getting sick, deadline at has been crazy as you can imagine.

However, I've managed to dye and finally I get to share it with you.

Moreover, I'll be a guest blogger for Mojomums for a month, check out my first post.

Back to dyeing.

The first thing I did was to create these cards to record the process and result of my natural dyeing.

Avocado stone record card

I did the same for rooibos tea, dandelions and eucalyptus leaves.

I've also decided that I'll make different size ribbons and dye them so I could use them in my weaving. I found this clever idea on Pinterest on how to keep them tidy.


Today I want to show you the avocado stones and rooibos dye result. For my natural dye process I follow the ebook from Rebecca Desnos. I love it because it's so easy and simple to read and follow. Also it's 100% natural.

Here you can see my ribbons during and after the dyeing process.

avocado stones dye

Above avocado stones dye.

ribbons in avocado stones dye

Above avocado stone dyed ribbons.

dyed ribbons drying

Avocado stone (left) and rooibos tea (right) ribbons drying.

Updated cards below. I love the final result! Especially the shade of pink from the avocado stones.

final record cards

Next post I'll show you how I've used my dyed ribbons and strings.

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