Clay spoons

The reason I picked clay as one of my crafts is because I love clay spoons. I don't know why but last year I discovered them while browsing on Pinterest and I got obsessed with them! I would have loved to do a workshop with real clay but I haven't managed to find one specific to spoons here in London.

Therefore, I decided to experiment with polymer clay.

clay spoons

I used the tutorial from Lovesown blog which uses real clay but I thought I could also use it for my purpose.

Here the spoon shape I found in my kitchen draw that I thought I could use as an inspiration.

Below the result. As you can see some two are whiter than the others. The first ones are made with Fimo clay and the darker ones with Sculpey. The Fimo clay worked better for me as it's firmer and easier to model. I found the Sculpey would get very soft too quick and it would stick to my hands.

In all I'm pleased with the first attempted but making spoons is harder than it looks! I'll try again next week, I'm aiming to make thinner and more elegant handles.

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