05. hand carved stamp and block printing


Finally I’ve found the time to blog again!

This month craft is hand carved stamps and block printing.

tea towels with block printed fish

Once again IG has been my inspiration. I’ve been following The paper gold company for a very long time and I love her work.

I decided to start with some organic cotton tea towels and I bought few from the Organic textile company. The quality of their material is fantastic.

There are so many inspiration out there, I wasn’t sure where to start. At the end I thought that a series of fish would have been appropriate for my sister in law belated birthday present.

I found an easy tutorial by Craftiness is not an optional to follow, bought my material and I started sketching different fish! Instead of carving one, I thought to do four, this way there would be more variation which I think works better when you have repeats.

hand carved stamps of fish
small fish stamp

Also instead of having two identical tea towels I decided to have a set, one with big fish and the other with small fish! I adore how you can see the beautiful texture of the organic cotton once you start printing.

To finish them off I’ve sawed my new personalized wooden tags by allthiswood.

customized wooden tags

Here are the steps of my first attempt to hand carve and block print. What do you think?

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