carving and printing for the little ones

While I have been waiting for some more fabric ink to arrive, I got commissioned to make some children's presents by a friend.

Last week I carved two cute stamps, a fox and a bow. I used grey lino and soft pink lino. The pink definitely works better for me as a beginner! I found that I can carve with less effort and especially with curves it is more forgiven.

I used the stamps to print two organic cotton body suits.

The fox at the front and the little bow at the back.

block printing baby clothes

Here some pictures of the process. Unfortunately the lighting is not very good. Autumn has arrived and I now work only with artificial light.

I drew the fox with a blue biro; I started carving outside the lines and then in the inside, leaving a 2/3mm border.

hand carved fox stamp
hand carved fox stamp

I print first on paper to check if i need to carve more. As you can see the fox on the top has few black line around the main design. The one at the bottom is clean a ready to be used.

testing the carved stamps

I printed the fox first and then the back with the bow, making sure the first one was dry.

block printing with the fox stamp
block printing with the bow stamp

Back and front!

back and front

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