natural dye and block printing

After the success of my firsts attempt to hand carve a stamp and block print, I start thinking about mixing natural dye and block printing.

As you know I love natural dye and every few weeks I have the urge to experiment with dying. It fascinates me and I found the slow process very relaxing. My life is very full on from the moment I woke up till 8pm when the girls are in bed! Usually, I’m still running around trying to fit everything in even after bedtime! However, when I dye, somehow I manage to slow down and relax, I love it.

Few weeks ago I dyed a little body suit for my daughter with avocado stones.

I decided to have a go with words this time, as I thought it would be a good challenge.

Above the body suit after the avocado dye, below my hand carved stamp with the word 'hello'. I took the picture in the evening while working, apologies for the bad lighting!

natural dyed body suit
'hello' hand carved stamp
natural dyed baby suit with block print

Picture of the finished product, my little one modeling!

my daughter wearing the body suit

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