new year, new craft: Crochet

Happy New Year!

It's already mid January, can you believe it?

I've started with a new craft, crochet.

To be honest I thought it was going to be an easy one, after the baskets weaving.

Well, I think I picked a quite difficult tutorial by lebenslustiger, for my first beginner project: these adorable little chunky crochet hearts!

adorable little chunky crochet hearts in the snow

While I was waiting for my yarn to arrive, 100% recycled cotton from Hoooked I decided to practice with some leftover yarn. Then I realized that making hearts is not as easy as it looks!

Making them symmetrical and round is not so simple. It need practice, a lot of it.

By the time I received the yarn I felt confident, however, this time I wanted to make only perfect hearts. I did and undid so many hearts!!!! At the end I had to accept that I couldn't make five exact hearts and I simply did my best.

recycled cotton yarn for crochet
start of the heart crochet
half crochet heart
full size chunky crochet heart
adding filling to the heart crochet

I added some filling material from an old cushion to make them fuller (after I took the picture on the snow).

I'm happy with the result and the girls can't wait to have them in their room.

I loved this project and I'm sure I'll be making more of them throughout the year. This is a brilliant tutorial.

Fancy trying it too? Let me know if you have.

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