so in love with stone crochet

I’m really enjoying crochet and I’ve been working on many projects in the past few weeks, you will see them all on Instagram.

One of my favorite has been stone crochet.

While I was working on my Pinterest board I found few images of stones crochet and I fell in love with theme. However, I couldn’t find any tutorials.

Soon after posting my pink hearts on IG, I stumbled on Petalplum and I discovered that she made a course on stone crochet. I bought it straight away, I felt so lucky.

After a 'spontaneous' trip to the sea, the girls collected a nice selection of stones for me.

stones collection and yarns

Petalplum tutorial was very easy to follow, as it’s done for beginners. After just making one I was addicted and I wanted to make more. What I love about them, is the contrast between the hard and the smooth stone wrapped in the soft and textured yarn.

the beginning of the stone crochet, making the loop
working further on the stone crochet
stone crochet almost done, only the back is missing
finishing the back of the stone crochet

I realized is that most people that crochet stones are intermediate or advance and therefore they just develop a pattern as they go along. I'm not at that stage yet! Luckily when I posted my stone collection, one of my lovely followers, Boho_Choco, sent me a link for tree free patterns. So I’ll be crocheting more stones in the next few weeks. I would like to make a family!

stone crochet done, my daughter is holding it
stone crochet on my fireplace

I’ll update the post with more pictures and you can always follow me on IG.

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