candle making

Last month craft was making candles.

grapefruit soy candle hand poured

Making soy candle is quite simple, once you have all the ingredients. You can get few easy explained tutorials online, for example mine were inspired by swoonworthy tutorial.

What I really wanted to concentrate on, this time was, experimenting with the label and come up with a ‘branded’ look and also work on photographing the final product.

I spent few work lunches working on the font style and size. I was very shy to have my name on the label, but as my mother in law pointed out, you want to remember the name of the brand, it has to stick in your mind. So I made TWOME in capital and bold. Next I wanted to add a sketch drawing to give a personal and soft touch to it. I drew first a sliced grapefruit and then a flower. I thought about adding a bit of colour, but decided that black and white was better.

label for the soy candles

Taking styled photos was also challenging and fun at the same time. I debated a lot whether having a day or night shot. I liked the idea of the latter, moody, dark and soft lit, however, at the end I decided to have a day shot to show the whole product. The amber jar and the label. I also wanted to add colour by adding the grapefruit in the photo. Here some of the photos I took.

soy candle flat lay photo
flat lay soy candle with grapefruit

At the end the front shot (photo at the top), I thought, was the best. I love the prospective of the three elements and colour combination: green from the leaves, the pink-red from the fruit and the candle in the amber jar with the black and white writing.

Would love to hear what you think!

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