The paper cutting experience

Finally I got the chance to write the post on my last craft, paper cutting.

Last month I bought Mollie Magazine as it had a section on paper cutting. It was so refreshing to learn from a magazine instead of a tutorial online. Also my mother in law got me a mat, paper knifes and a book from Super+Super as a Christmas present.

I started with the simple task of doing the lemon, but I did realize soon that how you hold the knife it’s very important and also doing curves it’s not easy at all!

Then I did the mantra project and I really enjoyed cutting the little petals and leaves. I started to understand how this craft can be relaxing. It’s so satisfying to cut off all the bits and starting to reveal the pattern.

paper cut mantra and lemon

For my last project I wanted to do something even more complicated that perhaps I could frame for my bedroom.

I’ve been taking lots of pictures of the making, as few people have asked me show more about the process.

Below all the steps from the traced drawing to the final piece on my fireplace.

traced drawing of a tree and bicycle
paper cutting work in progress and book inspiration
work in progress detail
work in progress detail
paper cutting final product of tree and bicycle
paper cutting final product detail

By the end of this project, I can honestly say that I have enjoyed working and explore this craft but it hasn’t been my favourite.

What I’ve realised while trying all these new crafts is that I don’t like restrictions, I love to explore my own creativity and be spontaneous with my design.

With paper cutting you need to follow the pattern to get to your result and when it’s elaborate it can take many hours to finish and by the end I’m glad it’s done! It might be that since I’m a beginner I also need to concentrate very hard not to make a mistake and ruin the whole piece, which makes the process, to me, very tiring.

With other crafts like macramé, weaving, slow stitching and even crochet, the process flows more and I can change my pattern as I go. I finding it more flexible and mindful and I love that.

I’m so grateful for the lessons I’ve been learning through this journey as I’m discovering more and more what is it that I enjoy working with. I feel I’ve grown so much as a person and as a maker.

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