It has already been 12 months since my first blog post and photo on Instagram!

Since I decided to star recording my journey of learning 12 crafts in 12 months.

It has been a fantastic year on so many levels. I've learnt and discovered amazing crafts, some of which I didn't even knew they existed, for instance natural dyeing. I meet inspiring people which lead to some collaborations and deeper learning than I ever imagined.

Most of all, this journey taught me that the many ideas that were floating in my mind could actually become reality and even a small business!

Once I had time to actually sit down and think for few hours straight, to write down my thoughts, to scribble ideas and define my vision, TWOME come to live.

It has been a steady journey, I've learnt so much about myself firstly, but also about social medias, how to build a website and write better and more interesting content for my posts (still working very hard on this as English is not my first language).

However, hands down, the best part has been starting to teach. It began as an experiment at my friend's house, with the intention of passing on what I had learnt to others. Then in October last year, I was in Dubai visiting my sister, and I decided to organize my first two macrame wall hanging workshops. I packed my bag with kilos of ropes and wooden sticks from my local woods. That day I will never forget! Two sold out sessions with ladies and friends that come to listen to me talking about knots, recycled rope and creative living. It was a fantastic day, the great weather and indoor-outdoor setting definitely helped too! As you can see here!

macrame wall hanging workshop in Dubai by twome

(BELOW: Me teaching how to start a macrame wall hanging in Dubai)

myself teaching a macrame wall hanging class in Dubai

Since then I've been running regular macrame wall hanging workshops in London. This year I've been working on teaching not only macrame but some of the other skills too. I was lucky enough to been able to organize lunch workshops at my office. My colleagues become my guinea pigs for my new classes and while they had fun learning a new skill and take a break from the corporate routine, I could see how to better structure my next workshop.

I now run the following classes regularly: (can be booked here)

Macrame wall hanging

Macrame plant holders

Crochet your own necklace

Weaving for beginners.

In September I'm planning to add another class: crochet your own linen flax and leather bag.

crochet flax linen and leather bag workshop

In between these craft classes, I've also organized a wabisabi styling+making workshop with Silvia from SalviaLimone.

I wrote a post about the inspiration for this one day workshop and a lot more, here.

wabisabi workshop styling+making

This is where I want TWOME to move on to next. Crafts workshops and retreats to really focus on people creative potential and for me to pass on what I have learnt. TWOME and this past year have changed my life incredibly and I'm very much looking forward to the next 12 months.

Thank you all for attending my workshops and for your constant support.

Lots of love,

Isabella xxx

ps. Since this blog post was written, i've been shortlisted for 'best workshop award 2017' by mollie makes magazine! i'm so excited about this!

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