Mindful stitching

i decided to learn this craft after seeing few images on IG and Pinterest (of course!). I liked the concept of using fabric scraps to mend or create new textile.

Ellie @petalplum has an e-course online and since I’m in love with her works, accent (she is Australian) and tutorials; I decided that slow stitching was going to be my next craft.

What I love is the mindfulness and process of selecting fabrics, threads and stitches, without following a rule. From small stitchings to large ones, next to each others or apart, same colour or with accents, the possibilities are vast.

selection of vintage threads
selections of fabric scraps and threads
slow stitching work in progress

Then I learnt the French knot which is incredibly cute and gives a completely different texture and interest to the fabric.

I’ve also added crosses and diagonal stitching.

It’s been a slow process. The aim was to progress every few days but without pressurising myself to have it finished by my 'one month' deadline. With this craft I wanted to enjoy the process to the fullest. The piece of white cloth (an old baby t-shirt) with the fabric scraps, needles and naturally dyed threads, are in my bag all the time, now. When I have time I just add few stitching and eventually it will be finished and I’ll make something beautiful out of it. This is one of the crafts I know, I’ll keep doing it over and over again.

slow stitching working in progress

naturally dyed japanese threads

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