Summer wreath

For the last two crafts of my journey I asked my followers on Instagram to suggest some ideas. I surprised myself by picking two that I never had on my list or even consider. Learning something completely new got me really excited.

With all the flowers popping up in the garden I wanted to make the most of the season and making wreath sounded perfect.

macrame wreath with daisy wip
macrame wreath with daisies on the wall
macrame wreath with daisies and leaves on the wall

My first one was a macramé wreath. I’ve loved making this one. Working again with natural rope! The beauty of this material is that it is the perfect background to any flower.

I wanted to keep it simple and minimal so I added daisies. Even now, I just pop in few flowers around it or at the bottom and it becomes a statement piece on my living room wall.

triangle wreath with foraged flowers
triangle wreath with a macrame

When I went for a walk with the girls, after school, we collected few variety of flowers and with some of the shorter sticks I keep at home, we made a triangle wreath. Small, cute and colourful. The inspiration for this shape come from one of Fall for DIY tutorial I had saved on my Pinterest board.

The white rose had a beautiful smell and it took me back to my childhood and the summers spent in Italy with my sister, trying to make rose perfume! Such beautiful memories and a bit of nostalgia.

purple flowers wreath

For my last wreath I made a time-laps video (check my Instagram, it will be posted next week). I wanted to experiment with videos to give more insight to what I do and make things. It was fun! The flowers were picked from my garden. I couldn't resist and I made a quick one with ivy too. What do you think?

flower wreath and a macrame on the wall

The great thing about wreath is that once you have few different size loops you can make them all year around. You just change the flowers or add foraged leaves and grass or paper decorations and you’ll always have a new statement piece for your home.

ivy wreath

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