Photo city walk

My first photo city walk was with @Xantheb during the Mollie Makes Award on Monday 3rd July. I’m not a photographer and I only use my IPhone to take photos for my blog and IG. Most of the women had their mobile only and I was very excited to take part and hopefully learn something new. We started at Temple, across SouthBank, and we started our walk at 10.30 am. The city was very quiet and hardly anyone was around. We began by walking across the Waterloo Bridge and taking a panoramic photo. I didn’t even know that you could do one with the IPhone!

View of London from Waterloo Bridge

Once we were on the other side of the river we found this colourful wall and we did a boomerang, I love them, especially with lots of people. We then walked to the fountains and the garden on top of SouthBank, Queen Elizabeth Hall Roof Garden, which I never knew it existed. The wildness in the city, reminded me a bit of the High Line in New York with the Thames as the background.

Queen Elisabeth Hall roof garden
Queen Elisabeth Hall roof garden
Queen Elisabeth Hall roof garden

Once back on the other side of the river, were we started, we crossed the road and I found some architectural details which I never noticed before. Buildings fascinate me a lot, with their geometry, materials and textures, it must be that as Italian, it runs in my blood.

Glass bridge between buildings, London
stone arch entrance

I was talking with Xanthe about how interesting it is to take the time to do a photo walk, because it gives you the chance to look at your surrounding with a new eye. It made me search for a different angle, new prospective and waiting for a juxtaposition to capture with my phone. Photo city walk is something I would definitely do again and I highly recommend it. Have you ever taken part to one?

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