a creative journey- interview with Lucy from Peasandneedles


This week we are talking with Lucy from Peas and Needles. Lucy is a weaver who's obsessed with fiber, textiles and making her own ceramic pots.

I meet Lucy about two years ago when I attended one of her weaving workshops and I got hooked on the spot, I even bought a loom made by her dad that I still use. She then come to one of my macrame workshops and she now runs macrame planters workshops in Brighton as well as her successful weaving classes.

She is one of the nicest and most genuine people I met and incredibly creative. Her latest tutorial on Mollie Makes Magazine was a total success! (see image at the bottom of the post)

Lucy from peas and needles weaving

image credit: Lucy Rowan

Hello Lucy,

When did your creative journey start?

I grew up in a very creative family and have always been encouraged to make. I can't really think of a specific point in my life where I realised I was a creative, I think its just in my blood. I remember many days being taught various crafts from my Mum, my Grandma and my Dad. I even married a creative, so I don't think it will be going away anytime soon and this makes me so happy. Can you pick three words that describe how you feel when you are being creative?

Happy. Content and Excited. I don't think there is any feeling that compares to that feeling when you are inspired and making, when everything clicks and you are creating something great. It really effects my mood when I don't make time to 'make' and its taken me a few years to realise this. I now try to make time and sit down to make. Its the best and am so grateful that I get to do this as a job too.

Lucy beautiful large weave

image credit: Lucy Rowan

As a creative where do you find your inspirations?

I live in Brighton so am constantly inspired by the town and the people that live here. There is always something creative going on and feel very lucky that I get to experience this most weeks. The beach is a great place to go when I feel stuck. Or there is always Pinterest. What’s the most valuable tip you would give to an aspiring maker starting their own creative business?

I think most people say this, but just start. Try not to be scared and too intimidated by other makers, we are all in the same boat. I often have to tell myself this because I forget. Its so easy to get sucked into the perfect world of Instagram but you have to realise that everyone else is the same.

Lucy from peas and needles weaves

image credit: Lucy Rowan

If you were not a weaving artist, what would you love to be instead?

This is hard, weaving is a big part of my life but its not all I do. I am interested in so many crafts that I like to mix it up. I don't want to get bored so I like to create different things all the time and love to pass on these skills. I love teaching my workshops so maybe I would be some kind of teacher. Probably an Art teacher. Could you share three IG accounts that inspire you?

@designlovefest - her styling work is absolutely insane. I love everything she does and so inspired by her and her drive for her work.

@maryannemoodie - she is the queen of weaving. Her weaves are absolutely beautiful and I can't get enough of her work. Truly beautiful!

@lrnce - the textiles and ceramics are beautiful. I want to fill my house with their work. So simple but amazing and so striking. I would love to visit their showroom.

Lucy wall hanging for Mollie Makes magazine

image credit: Lucy Rowan

As per the previews interviews, I'm hoping Lucy story will inspire you to start your own creative journey. Don't forget to use #startacreativejourney.

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