a creative journey- interview with Laura from Naturamacrame


This week we are talking with Laura from Natura Macrame.

Laura is a macrame artist. We have known each other for a while now and she was the first person I met on Instagram that I felt a real connection with on a personal level as well as professional.

We had many chats about macrame, natural dye, kids, more macrame, mum's life, our dreams and much more.

I absolutely love her work and her creativity, check out her coasters, picture at the bottom, one of her most popular items as well as her macrame wall hanging collections.

naturamacrame macrame stool

image credit: Laura @NaturaMacrame

Hello Laura!

When did your creative journey start?

I always have been very creative, I remember in my childhood spending hours and hours sitting in front of the tv watching cartoons like Candy Candy and trying to copy them into my note book.

I also went to art school and had a degree on Graphic design, but soon I realized that I was much happier creating things with my hands rather than doing it with a computer!

In November 2016 I discovered macramé and I fell in love with it! It was a new way to express myself, before I used to do it painting, I love watercolor and oil paint!

Can you pick three words that describe how you feel when you are being creative?

I feel free, I feel complete and I feel like myself. It is a weird feeling, when you are deep into creative mode, everything around you kind of disappears and sometimes you find yourself in deep thoughts that maybe because the busy life we have now days, we cant go through so often!

naturamacrame wallhanging

image credit: Laura @NaturaMacrame

As a creative where do you find your inspirations?

I find my inspiration everywhere, but I love Arabic architecture, I grew up in south of Andalucia, Spain, where the Arab Influence in our architecture is very marked.

I also love Indian culture, its jewels, clothes and henna decoration..

What’s the most valuable tip you would give to an aspiring maker starting their own creative business?

Enjoy it, don't be scare of getting out of your comfort zone, sometimes the most beautiful things comes out of the more difficult challenges!

If you were not a fiber artist, what would you love to be instead?

I probably would be painting, like a said, before discovering macramé, I used to express myself through painting.

naturamacrame wallhanging detail

image credit: Laura @NaturaMacrame

Could you share three IG accounts that inspire you?

I love

@miniswells her work is stunning and the details on her pieces are just crazy!

@hellohydrangea her weaving are so much fun, they have a lot of textures and different elements that makes them very unique and gorgeous!

and recently I discovered @ltbunning_fine_art she is a painter based in California and she has so much talent! the way she capture the movement is incredible!

Naturamacrame coasters

image credit: Laura @NaturaMacrame

I hope you enjoyed reading this interview and I'm hoping it will inspire you to start your own creative journey. Don't forget to use #startacreativejourney.

Isabella x

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