Natural dyeing, styling & food photography workshop

styled natural dyeing process

photo credit Louise Twycross-Lewis (this photo only)

I would like to share with you the incredible experience I had at the weekend during the 2-days Natural Dyeing & Food Styling photography workshop, while it's still fresh in my mind!

I had the pleasure to be working alongside two amazing women, Silvia and Aimee. You just need to check their websites and Instagram accounts to realize how talented they are. They have so much knowledge and passion for what they do!

Then, I had the honor of meet some outstanding ladies coming for every corner of the world (Singapore, Panama, Norway, Germany, Portugal, Italy & UK). We had the girl with no photography experience, we had the professional chef, we had the woman who fell in love with the magic of natural dyeing and could't stop raving about it, we had the food blogger, the plant-based chef, the interior stylist and more, it was the most interesting and perfect mix. The energy in the room was warm & positive, we had lots of laughter, they asked many questions and we eagerly answered them and shared our passion unconditionally. We nourished our body & souls with great home made vegan food, made by Silvia, and we were even lucky with the weather and we were blessed with two sunny days. By the end of the weekend, we all felt inspired and energized ready to move forward with memories that we will cherish for a long time.

styeled hibiscus dye

During this workshop, I've taught all I know about Natural Dyeing and we spent the whole day learning and practicing the steps of this magical & ancient craft.

The second day we took all the fabrics out of the pots to see the magical result and dried them outside. The wind was gently blowing and it gave us the chance to take more beautiful photographs of the dyed fabrics.

What I'll remember forever is the amazement on people's faces when they saw the colours we produced! I must have had that same expression the first time too! I know these ladies will try natural dyeing at home and create something magical.

Natural dyed props

Thank you everyone that come to our workshop and made it unique and unforgettable.

Cannot wait for the next one!

us- students and teachers

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Isabella xxx

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