'The bucket list of a maker'- with Naomi Bulger @Naomibulger

I was talking with few people and as the year ends most people start thinking about their bucket list for 2019. I started wondering if makers and artist have something different on it form the typical: Visit Bali, buying a house, write a book etc.

I've asked a few of my favorite makers if they would share their bucket list with us. Each week, you will discover what's on their list as well as few more insights.

This week we have Naomi Bulger @Naomibulger. She is a writer, an illustrator and a creative coach. At the moment she on a sabbatical in a medieval village in France, with her two kids, she usually live in Melbourne, Australia. Her mail-art is absolutely beautiful and romantic. Handwritten letters are so special and rare these days that every time her posts pop up on my IG they make me feel warm inside and smile with nostalgia.

Naomi illustration

(photo credit by Naomi Bulger)

Hello Naomi,

thank you for taking the time to sharing with us your bucket list.

1. We are coming to the end of the year and I'm curious to know if you have a bucket list you check or fill regularly..

I used to be a BIG list-maker, and nothing gave my order-loving heart more joy than to tick items of those lists, one at a time. It gave me a wonderful sense of achievement (something I don’t get from the workplace, since I freelance).

Having my daughter six years ago changed all that, and having two children in 17 months pretty much tipped my bucket over and kicked it down the hill. Every time I made plans, they were broken six times over before lunch, and small children laugh in the face of orderly lists.

That said, I have adapted, and now my “bucket list” is more of a gentle ambition. I call my bucket list “dreams and goals,” and I still strive for them, but I’m flexible if they have to change, or if they take longer than I’d originally hoped.

2. Can you share with us the top 3 things on your list?

Right now, I am lucky enough to be living the #1 item on my dreams / goals / bucket-list: I am taking an extended sabbatical (five months) in France, with my two children. We are living in a small French village with our days governed by ringing of the bells in the 800-year-old church next door, an learning a new and simpler way of living.

But the top three on my list for 2019, when we return to Australia, are:

First, I want to finally finish the book on letter-writing and mail-art projects that I have been writing for the past four years (Yes four! Life with children!).

I’ll also be launching a podcast that celebrates the Meals in the Mail project (personal recipes that have a special story, sent to me in the mail by strangers from all over the world), so I’ve been cooking these recipes and interviewing people while I’m in France, ready for that podcast.

Another dream is to start a new, illustrated book project. Actually, I haven’t shared this with anyone yet: I want to create an old-fashioned illustrated almanac that talks about when to plant and when to harvest edible plants.

3. What's on number 10 on the list?

Um… up there, I’m not sure if it’s number 10 because I don’t want to be exact… but I do want to get serious about making better meals for my family and not relying so much on takeout. I have been so impressed by my children since we’ve been traveling, trying all the new foods. Normally they eat several hours before my husband and I, and I get so tired making extra meals that we end up buying way too much takeout. One of my goals for 2019 is to cook for the whole family and, whenever possible, eat together. And not just kid-friendly pasta!

Naomi illustration while in France

(photo credit by Naomi Bulger)

4. If you could learn a craft in 2019, which one would you try?

Can I say three? I have an antique letterpress and I kind of know how to use it but I’d love to master it. I have also wanted – for years – to learn to crochet, and to make pottery. I don’t actually know if I’ll achieve any of these in 2019, but they are there on the “dream list” for one day…

5. If you could ask me a question, what would it be?

To teach me macramé. Actually, can I add that to my “learn a craft in 2019” list?

My answer:

Of course, I would love too! What about joining my online macrame for beginners course! Here the link to go on the waiting list, enrollment will open in December and the course will start on the 13th January 2019.

Naomi Airmail illustrations

(photo credit by Naomi Bulger)

If you like to find out more about Naomi's work check her website at

I hope you've enjoyed this interview and I'm looking forward to sharing with you the next one.

with love,

Isabella x

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