'The bucket list of a maker'- with Fanny Zedenius @Createaholic

I was talking with few people and as the year ends most people start thinking about their bucket list for 2019. I started wondering if makers and artist have something different on it form the typical: Visit Bali, buying a house, write a book etc.

I've asked some of my favorite makers if they would share their bucket list with us. Each week, you will discover what's on their list as well as few more insights.

This week I'm super excited to have Fanni Zedenius @Createaholic with us. She is one of the queens of macrame. I love her work, styling, all her Instagram posts, strong values and her macrame book, which has been translated in many languages.

Fanny with her ropes and macrame piece

(photo credit by Fanni Zedenius)

Hello Fanny,

thank you for taking the time to sharing with us your bucket list.

1. We are coming to the end of the year and I'm curious to know if you have a bucket list you check or fill regularly..

I have actually never written a bucket list (not even in my head) in my whole life. Or perhaps it’s just that I don’t think of it so much as a bucket list but rather that I think about stuff I'm excited about doing in the future… Maybe bucket lists are something I should start making though!

2. Can you share with us the top 3 things on your list?

So, if we concentrate on my current ‘wish list’ instead, I would say that on the top would be taking a pottery class. I used to take pottery lessons in school when we were able to choose creative subjects, and last time I worked with pottery and ceramics was one semester in high school. I loved it and would really like to try my hand at it again as an adult!

Besides pottery, I would like to try embroidery. It’s so much more intricate than my usual creative outlets and I am curious to see if it’s something I’d enjoy!

Finally, I received a digital drawing pen for my birthday this year and I would love to get really good at using it. I guess that also goes hand in hand with getting better at Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator too!

3.Is there a place or an experience you are planning in the near future that you are super excited about it?

I actually just (today!) booked a trip with my family to the very, very north of Sweden. I have been living on the memories of mine and my boyfriend's one year trip around the world which ended a little over a year ago, but with every passing day I have been missing the excitement of travel and adventure more and more. When we were traveling we were often asked by non-swedes whether or not we had seen the Aurora Borealis (northern lights) and I realised that I have explored other countries far more than I have my own. So, in March we will be taking a night train 17 hours up to Abisko located close to the northern border of Sweden to experience a true white winter, hopefully the magic of the Aurora Borealis, maybe take a dog sled in the winter wonderland and just appreciate northern winter for what it is! I couldn't be more excited..!

Fanny macrame book

(photo credit by Fanni Zedenius)

4. If you could learn a craft in 2019, which one would you try?


5. If you could ask me a question, what would it be?

What is your number one thing on your list??

My answer:

1. start my FB macrame community this week!

Fanny at work

(photo credit by Fanni Zedenius)

If you like to find out more about Fanny's work check her website at

I hope you've enjoyed this interview and I'm looking forward to sharing with you the next one.

with love,

Isabella x

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