'The bucket list of a maker'- with Caroline Ravagnani @aliceandrosa

I was talking with few people and as the year ends most people start thinking about their bucket list for 2019. I started wondering if makers and artist have something different on it form the typical: Visit Bali, buying a house, write a book etc.

I've asked a few of my favorite makers if they would share their bucket list with us. Each week, you will discover what's on their list as well as few more insights.

This week we have Caroline Ravagnani @AliceandRosa. She is a artisan caker and she simply makes the most beautiful cakes always using fresh flowers! She is a mum, Basilian living in the UK and a dear friend.

Cake with macrame topper

(photo credit by Caroline Ravagnani)

Hello Caro,

thank you for taking the time to sharing with us your bucket list.

1. We are coming to the end of the year and I'm curious to know if you have a bucket list you check or fill regularly.

Yes! I do have a list of things I’m interested in and would like to explore. The list changes a lot but usually has a lot more things added to it rather than crossed out. I think I’d need to live a few lives to do everything I want to do :)

2. Can you share with us the top 3 things on your list?

The first on the list is food photography. I have recently bought a lovely camera but haven’t had the time to learn how to use it properly. I want to learn how to shoot out of auto mode, play with light and shade and styling. I spend a long time making a cake which will only last for a few hours so taking good photos of it is a way of making it last.

The second is ceramics. I LOVE ceramics and a lot of my inspiration comes from it. It is such a lovely medium and with a little creativity the possibilities are endless. It must also be so therapeutic to make! I dream about making my own dining set and a kids version for my girls. In fact, I’m already on the waiting list for a taster class at The Kiln Rooms at the Peckham Levels and I can’t wait to get my hands dirty.

In third comes Japan. For many years it has been my dream to visit Japan. Since a very young age I have been fascinated with Japanese culture, fashion and food but never had a chance to visit. I’d like to go for a whole month and take my time exploring the countryside specially during spring when the Cherry Blossoms and Wisterias are in full bloom.

3. What's on number 10 on your list?

Gardening! Gardening is definitely on my bucket list and it is something I really would love to learn but at the moment the weekends are so busy I would struggle to find the time. I am a truly lover of flowers but I have no clue how to grow/ look after them. I always rely on my mum when she comes to do a much needed gardening session in our house.

cake detail

(photo credit by Caroline Ravagnani)

4. If you could learn a craft in 2019, which one would you try?

I would like to lear how to make paper flowers. I have recently came across a couple of paper flower accounts on Instagram and the things the designers make with paper are absolutely stunning! So close to the real thing in colour…texture…truly incredible. Also the thought of having a pretty floral arrangement that would last for months and months really appeals to me and it could be used to decorate cakes too…

5. If you could ask me a question, what would it be?

What are the first 3 things on your bucket list?

My answer:

1. start my FB macrame community

2. learn basket weaving

3. organize a workshop/retreat overseas

gold and purple cake

(photo credit by Caroline Ravagnani)

If you like to find out more about Caro's work check her website at

I hope you've enjoyed this interview and I'm looking forward to sharing with you the next one.

with love,

Isabella x

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