5 food stylists I can't stop following!

I love food! I don't know if it was growing up in Italy, on the Ligurian hills or if it's in my blood but I just love food!

The whole process. From going to the market, early in the morning, to get the best ingredients, all the way to sitting outside, on a long table and enjoying the dishes with wine, laughter and good company.

I follow many foody people on IG but the one I'm attracted tothe most are food stylists. The way they make anything eatable look so inviting and mouth watering is simply an art! Pleasing to all the senses.



I adore everything about this account. The food, the styling, the photography, even the font- it's so unique. If you are Italian you will also realise that each post is like poetry, the words Davide uses always add the final touch to the very curated photos. He has recently launched his website ( ) and it's full of wonderful articles and collaborations with very talented people. Every time I read his blog I get transported info a wonderful world.



I very recently discover Deborah's account, she ordered a set of my natural dyed fabrics. Once I started scrolling through her IG I couldn't stop! Her photography is so mesmerizing! The contrasts and the colours are so vivid and powerful!


The freshness and vibrant colours of the photos attracted me to her account. Especially now, in summer all I want to do is eat her light and simple food!

The composition of her photography is so pleasing to the eye that I just want more!



Natalia is one of the oldest people I've connected on IG. She doesn't post so often but every time she does the photography and her food is outstanding! What I also love about her is her warm and friendly personality. She always share her resource and she is very humble even though her talent is clearly outstanding! I almost forgot to mention her natural soaps! I could seriously eat them too!

5. @onelifetobake

Hazel has become a food blogger not long ago but her talent is extraordinary! The recipes she uses and her styling, to me, is very romantic. I always want to indulge on her beautiful cakes with a nice cup of tea and sit in front of a log fire.

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