My tutorial on Mollie Makes Magazine!

Here it is on paper!

It's strange to see you name on paper, the tutorial you made on your kitchen table, even your photo, but it makes me so proud of what I have achieved in the last 12 months!

My 2018 could't have started any better.

heart macrame bunting by Twome on Mollie Makes magazine

2017 wasn't an easy year, lots of changes and up & down in my life, however, I loved it because of all of these!

It started by getting a new TwoMe logo, we bought a house, I quit my day job as senior interior designer and the nice salary, we left London to move to the country, I learn to live in a slower pace of life, I started running workshops in Hampshire but the highlight of the past year was being nominated for the 'best workshop 2017' by Mollie Makes Magazine.

mollie makes hand made award 2017 logo

You can imagine how trilled I was when they asked me to do a tutorial for their magazine!

I had to keep this secrets for three months!

Now flicking through the pages and see my work amongst other makers, gives me a new confidence! 2018 I'm so ready to take TwoMe one, actually two steps further.

heart shaped macrame bunting tutorial by Isabella Strambio page 1
heart shaped macrame bunting tutorial by Isabella Strambio page 2

To get a sneaky peak of this issue #88 of Mollie Makes use this link here.

cover of Mollie Makes Magazine issue #88

I would love to see a photo of your macrame heart bunting, please use #_twomeDIYtutorial and I'll feature you on my IG.

Happy New Year,

Love, Isabella xxx

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