New accounts I'm following (aka stalking) in 2018

The great thing about social media is the exposure we get on other creative people, out in the world. At the beginning of the year I did a 'Instagram clean' of my account and unfollowed about 100 people, simply because I'm not interested in their feed anymore and also because I want to see more of the people that really inspire me. It's a brilliant exercise that I recommend to do once a year. I've rediscover feeds that the IG algorithm have been 'hiding' from me and I've also found new and striking accounts!

Here are my favorites 5 accounts with less than 10K followers


I LOVE flowers and Shelena vintage mood and look is just what I need to see before I go into my own dreamy world!

Bloaum instagram account


Minimal, original, simple & white. Four of my favorite words all in one account!

otchipotchi instagram account


Food is another of my passions and I wish I could capture these ingredients beauty and details as well as Jessica! Her feed is just divine.

mushrooms and thyme instagram account


Belen is a maker like me, a mum and a creative soul. Her work is simply beautiful with the monocrome colours, outstanding quality and rustic feel.

booqstudio instagram account


I'm a sucker for black and white and Melissa prints and interiors are just a dream.

melissaselmin instagram account

Now here my favorites 5 accounts with more than 10K followers


Well her account is more beautiful than any Pinterest's boards I've ever seen!

michele ogundehin instagram account


Elegant, romantic & minimal all in one account! I've discovered it this morning and I fell in love with it instantly.

Paula lee calligraphy instagram account


Every single picture is styled to perfection! Love, Love, Love!

texture like mouton instagram account


Texture on texture, these two sisters are my idol! Their work is outstanding and I cant stop looking at it!

crossing threads instagram account


We used to be colleagues, working at the same studio, before he left to draw on location! Luke's Peoplewatching series is my favorite!

Luke Adam Hawker instagram account

Do you like these feeds? Are you drown to big accounts or smaller ones? Which are your latest discovery? Please share below in comments.

Thank you,

Love, Isabella x

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