Why I only have 10 items on my Etsy shop

I think most people expect to go to my Etsy shop and find more items than what they see, or perhaps it is just my perception. I love making and I always get very excited when I create new pieces. However, from the start, I didn't want my business to focus on my shop only. In fact, I opened my Etsy shop about one and a half year ago. I wanted to share with you the reason behind my decision to have a small amount of listings because it can be very daunting when you open an online shop, and there's this pressure that you need to showcase a vast range of items.

Macrame merino roving
Macrame detail
Macrame dip-dyed in natural dye

Here the 3 reasons why I only have about 10 items in my shop:

1. I like to make custom pieces for people's taste and to suit their home. The items you see in my shop are just a representation of what I can do. Most of the time, people contact me via IG or my website and ask me to make a unique piece for their home. I love getting to know my clients, understand what they have in mind and brainstorm ideas. I want to have the flexibility to customize a piece for you, that's why 90% of my products are made to order.

2. I don't have the time, resources and space to make too many items. Every time I create a piece I need to invest in the material and my time without knowing if I will ever sell the piece. I can't afford to invest so much time into too many items. On top of that, I wouldn't have enough storage space for them as well as my materials, equipment, packaging etc.

3. Less is more. I believe that if you like what you see you will buy it. If you like to have it personalized you would message me. If you can't find what you want, you can still ask me. A few weeks ago I was commissioned to make a macrame mobile for a baby room. I never made one before but still, people can see your craftsmanship and talent, they will ask if you can make something for them. You don't need to showcase every single item that you can make.

I hope that by sharing these points with you, you will have a better understanding on how I work, but most of all, it will inspire you to perhaps open your own Etsy shop and start putting your items out there into the world.

Naturally dyed linen apron in light blue
Naturally dyed linen apron in yellow

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