Solar dye in the easiest, no-mess-no-fuss and cheapest way to dye. It's also kids friendly and highly addictive.

You have been warned!



Onion skins ( you can get them from free by asking your local grocery store to keep them for you or by simply go to the supermarket and collect them at the bottom of the onions basket. Your kids will love to help)

Glass jar with lid


Animal or plant-based fabrics and yarn (eg. linen, cotton, silk, wool)​



1. Fill the glass jar with some of the onion skins.


2. Add your fabrics and yarns


3. Add the rest of the onion skins (the more skins you add the darker your colour dye will be)


4.Fill with water (if you don’t live in a warm country or it’s winter in your part of the world, you can add hot water- PLEASE supervise your children with this step) 


5. Make sure all the onion skins and fabrics are under the water 


6. Close the lid and leave the jar on a sunny windowsill



We opened our jar after two days as onion skins release good dye very fast, if you use flowers, for example, you can leave the jar to marinate for 7/10 days. Make sure you check it for any sign of mould, in that case, scoop it up with a spoon.


7. Take out your fabrics and yarns and unravel them


8. Dry your fabrics out of the direct sun and they are ready to be used


You can also try to solar dye with red onion skins, dandelion flowers, bay leaves and black tea.



I’ll be using the ribbon to wrap some presents and my daughter will use the small fabrics as blankets for her Sylvanians


Looking forward to seeing what you will be making!


Remember to use the #_twomediytutorial and tag me @_twome if you are posting photos on Instagram. I’ll be reposting your images on my Instastories.


Have fun and if you have any questions, email me here.


Love Isabella x

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